Monday, September 15, 2008

Report: Satan Worshippers Killed, Ate 4 Teens in Russia

This is one guy NOT to visit for a barbecue!

I am for freedom of religion, as long as they stay within the societal norms. Killing is good to Satanists, but they need to keep within the law until they have enough converts to change the law. Like the Muslims are doing. - Report: Satan Worshippers Killed, Ate 4 Teens in Russia - International News | News of the World | Middle East News | Europe News: "A gang of Satan worshippers killed and ate four Russian teenagers in a sickening ritual.

The Satanists stabbed each of their victims a terrifying 666 times before dismembering their bodies and cooking them on a bonfire.

Russian police discovered the teenager's limbs, hearts and scalps in a pit in the Yaroslavl region around 300 miles from Moscow, along with the dead body of a small rodent crucified on an upside-down cross.

The victims, three girls and one boy, all aged 16 and 17, disappeared from their homes in June.

But police only discovered the remains of Anya Gorokhova, Olga Pukhova, Varya Kuzmina and Andrei Sorokin last month.

The four pals – described as 'Goths' – were lured one by one to a country cottage and were allegedly forced to get drunk before the ritual began.

Hair from the victims was apparently found in the embers of the bonfire.

Cops arrested eight alleged Satan worshippers in connection with the killings after finding out that all four victims had telephoned Nikolai Ogolobyak, the alleged leader of the Satan gang. His apartment lies just about 250 yeards from where the remains were discovered."

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