Friday, March 14, 2008

Dogs Found Hanged, Burned in Pennsylvania Over Satanic Symbol

I guess that the people who did this will be fine, because the Muslims have already been successfully claiming that any act in the name of religion is fine. Precedent has been set! Fly a jet into a building? Fine! As long as you praise Allah as you slaughter thousands. So, therefore, it is safe to assume that killing a few dogs is fine as long as you dedicate it to Satan. Right? - Dogs Found Hanged, Burned in Pennsylvania Over Satanic Symbol - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News: "State police say they found three dogs hanging and burned over a pile of burning tires in Fayette County.

Police say the dogs were found about 5 a.m. Thursday in Redstone Township hanging by ropes from a tree.

Theresa Linden, manager with the Fayette County Humane Society, says officials don't know if the dogs were alive when they were hanged.

Linden says authorities also found the image of a pentagram on the ground, a five-pointed star commonly associated with Satanism.

The back of one dog was burned off. Another had puncture wounds to its neck.

Authorities believe more than one person was involved because the dogs were heavy. One weighed about 75 pounds."

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