Friday, March 14, 2008

House seeks debt limit increase to $10.2 trillion

Of course, the Dems tool control of the Congress by promising to control the budgets which the Republicans had gone overboard with. (Was it the War or something else? Nope! We Conservatives hate to spend the tax dollars! ) Now that the Dems have proven to be even worse than the Republicans, what will the next step be? Where can we turn now that both parties have proven to be untrustworthy?

"Spend the money!" Says the Dems, "Tax the Rich!" That always works so well. What is the first thing that the hiring class does when the government takes away more money? They fire people! Then the politicians whine about unemployment! How insane does a person have to be to NOT understand how this works? It happens in every cycle of power changes between the parties.

Time to just install a true Conservative, cut the spending and tell the poor to get jobs. The disabled will have to get by for a little while things get revamped in the system. The old will still deserve the pensions that the government promised, but the social safety net needs to be moved to the states so that the Federal system can concentrate upon larger issues.

House seeks debt limit increase to $10.2 trillion | Reuters: "The government's debt limit would be raised to $10.2 trillion under a budget plan for next year approved by the U.S. House of Representatives.

The House's fiscal 2009 budget, which passed on Thursday, would increase U.S. borrowing authority by $385 billion from the current limit of $9.815 trillion, according to the House Budget Committee.

The Senate on Friday passed its own version of a fiscal 2009 budget that did not address the question of raising federal borrowing authority.

The two chambers in coming weeks are expected to try to work out their differences and then pass a budget for next year that would spend $3 trillion while projecting a deficit in the range of $340 billion to $366 billion for the year."

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