Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hayden says battle brewing inside al-Qaida

It would be nice to see the terrorist start killing each other. This is not a democratic institution, because Islam does not promote equality. This will probably be similar to the succession wars after Mohammad, PBUH, died. Those lasted years and led to the Shia - Sunni schism that is still killing Muslims all over the world in modern times.

Hayden says battle brewing inside al-Qaida: "Hayden says battle brewing inside al-Qaida

Battles are brewing among Saudi and Egyptian al-Qaida leaders, creating a possible battle over who will succeed Osama bin Laden, CIA chief Michael Hayden said.

And frankly, Hayden said, we think there has been an awful lot of jockeying among possible successors. Hayden was interviewed by The Washington Times.

Hayden also said al-Qaida has regrouped in tribal areas of Pakistan and linked up with Pashtun extremists in the Afghanistan-Pakistan border region.

Because bin Laden is Saudi and a lot of al-Qaida's leadership is Egyptian, who becomes the next guy becomes quite a contentious matter, Hayden said. And there are fissures in al-Qaida because of this dominance of Egyptians inside the senior leadership, where you have a Saudi at the top. You can only imagine what then happens if he goes and then who comes in."

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