Thursday, March 13, 2008

Paris Book Fair opens amid controversy

Of course the members of the Religion of Peace are going to boycott this! It is amazing that they are not calling for the slaughter of everyone who has the nerve to show up. See, Muslims can be tolerant and not call for slaughter! Some people have said it is not possible, but this shows just how tolerant Muslims can be when facing a horrible insult to Islam like this.

Paris Book Fair opens amid controversy - International Herald Tribune: "Opening the Paris Book Fair should have been a low-key cultural event during the state visit to France of President Shimon Peres of Israel. Instead, it was charged with Middle East tensions.

Several Arab countries are boycotting the prestigious annual fair, where Peres was speaking Thursday, because it honors Israeli writers.

The Nobel Peace laureate's appearance at the book fair comes near the end of his five-day state visit to France - a sign of President Nicolas Sarkozy's effort to rebuild frayed ties with Israel.

'I am against the boycott of books,' Peres said Wednesday. 'Books are written to awaken reflection, to try to make sense of ideas.'

Sarkozy's spokesman called for calm."

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