Monday, March 31, 2008

Know Thy Enemy

This is a great thing to find! Of course, the Media will ignore it, and the Left will say it is a lie IF they ever see it. Because Bush will fake transcripts to try and harm members of the Religion of Peace.

Of course, since I post it, I will be called a Right Wing Islamophobic Nut. I keep getting told that I have only one interest by the people who visit me. I keep telling them they need to read more than the headlines! Unfortunately, most of the Leftists who read this blog can't read the big words in my comments. The extremist Muslims who visit are usually even less educated.

Something... and Half of Something: Know Thy Enemy: "“We're here to kick it off man. We're here to get the rewards of everybody that's gonna come after us *God willing* if we don't get a victory *God willing* our kids will get it. If not them, their kids will get it, if not them five generations down somebody will get it *God willing.*

“This is the promise of Allah. God's help and victory is near. It's coming. When it's gonna come down, it doesn't matter man, this is our path we stick to it no matter what the trials are. We're all gonna need help, we all gotta help each other through it, through the trials, small or big, but there are trials …

“But you know what? Your minds gotta be on this place. Your minds and your hearts have to be here. You go back, you're living with society and you have to put on that face, you know what, we're a bunch of peace lovers you know what, I love all this *non believers* yup I love your wealth … [GROUP LAUGHTER] … I love your women, I love everything about you …"

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