Friday, July 25, 2008

Anti-Patriot Act Poster Boy Kidnaps Own Kids

What a moron. I am not sure if I dispise the mother or father more. This woman is too stupid to breed, yet she did and the kids are paying for it. Get the kids out of Yemen and let them choose where to live.

What a bad gene pool to be bred from. Poor Kids.

Pajamas Media » Anti-Patriot Act Poster Boy Kidnaps Own Kids: "That decision to remove the case worker and return the children to Swensen would eventually prove catastrophic for Amina, Layla, and Sami.

In 2006, after Ashraf Al-Jailani’s deportation, Swensen — who promised the court that she had no ability or intention to take the children to Yemen — did exactly that for what was supposed to be a summer trip to see their father. Al-Jailani, however, refused to let them return as was his right under Yemeni law, notwithstanding Swensen’s full custody granted by U.S. courts.

According to reports from her family, Swensen — who now calls herself Mia Olsen — has unsuccessfully tried to retrieve her children from their father in Yemen. They also report that the children are regularly beaten by Al-Jailani and that he has threatened Swensen’s life if she ever returns to Yemen. It is quite possible that Swensen will never see her children again.

No doubt the saddest element in this story is that the Al-Jailani children were ultimately betrayed by their own mother, who was complicit in their abduction through her own naïveté, her willfully ignoring the danger signs of her husband’s long history of violence, and her voluntary decision to take them to Yemen against all advice. Her accomplices were all of those organizations and media outlets that used Al-Jailani’s case to their own benefit, even exploiting the children by constantly citing the children’s inability to see their father. Now that their anti-Patriot Act poster boy has abducted the very children they used for their own agendas, their deliberate silence, inaction, and apparent utter lack of concern for the children’s welfare only compound their treachery."

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