Thursday, July 24, 2008

Iran, Syria Want To Wait Out Bush For Next War

Not exactly news to anyone who thinks critically. At least it is finally getting into the Media, even if it is just a small article in the Middle East that the Liberal Media can safely ignore.

I can't wait until Bush leaves, but neither of his potential replacements are going to scare the bad guys. One of them actually makes the bad guys happy! What a disaster.

Iran, Syria Want To Wait Out Bush For Next War - MiddleEastNewsline: "The Israeli intelligence community has assessed that Iran
and Syria have decided to maintain restraint until the departure of U.S.
President George Bush.
The intelligence community, in an assessment that echoed that of
Washington, has determined that Iran and Syria would continue preparations
for war with Israel and the United States. But the Israeli intelligence
agencies assert that Damascus and Teheran would seek to maintain regional
calm until Bush leaves office in January 2009."

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