Monday, July 21, 2008

San Diego Police Rescue, Then Kill, Aggressive Man

San Diego Police Rescue, Then Kill, Aggressive Man: Top News Stories at "Police said the man was on the cruise with at least 800 other people when he somehow ended up in the water after 11 p.m. He was identified today as Steven Paul Hirschfield, 37, of Los Angeles.

The boat's captain sent a distress signal, and two Harbor Police boats and one Coast Guard vessel pulled Hirschfield from the water.

But Hirschfield began fighting with police as soon as he was on board, said San Diego Harbor Police Sgt. Dave Fouser.

'You're trying to help some guy out the water, and he's fighting,' Fouser said. 'He became very combative with the officers, and somewhere in the course of the fight, he was able to get one of the officer's Tasers away from him.'

Fouser said Hirschfield knocked one officer to the deck and then used the Taser to strike him in the face.

When Hirschfield then tried to grab one of the officer's guns, Fouser said, the other officer shot him.

Hirschfield was taken ashore to an ambulance and was pronounced dead from the single gunshot wound, Fouser said.

The San Diego Police Department's homicide unit was investigating the shooting along with the San Diego Harbor Police Department and the county District Attorney's Office."

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