Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Second Palestinian bulldozer rampage injures 24 on Jerusalem main street

The Media kept claiming that the first terrorist to do this attack was just a lone-wolf, even though the GLB claimed it. Now they do it again, will the terrorists finally get credit for it?

The Palestinians complain about the lack of their people being allowed to work in non-Palestinian areas, but when they do get work they use the access to kill. What a great way to make it seem like they want peace.

DEBKAfile - Second Palestinian bulldozer rampage injures 24 on Jerusalem main street: "A quick-thinking passing civilian and a border guard shot the driver dead after five vehicles and a bus were rammed opposite the Liberty Bell Park on King David Street, 200 yards from King David Hotel where UK premier Brown stayed Monday. Twenty-four people were injured, one seriously. Two are children.

The bulldozer burst out of a nearby building site in Yemin Moshe.

The terrorist was Ghassen Abu Tir, 22, from Umm Tuba, a Palestinian village in southeast Jerusalem, who was employed at the building site. He was a relative of Muhammed Abu Tir, a Hamas lawmaker held in an Israeli jail.

The Hizballah-sponsored Galilee Liberation Brigades claimed this attack like the first bulldozer rampage of July 2 when another Jerusalem Palestinian killed three people and caused heavy damage on Jerusalem’s Jaffa Street."

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