Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The brave story of the woman who had to say farewell to her legs

Click the link to read this whole story. It brought a tear to MY eye and that does not happen that often when reading about adults. Children are usually the only tear trigger I have, but this story is amazing. I am sure all who read it will enjoy it. If that is the proper term.

The brave story of the woman who had to say farewell to her legs | the Daily Mail: "I ended up sandwiched between tall people on a packed train, which exasperated me. At five foot nothing, I feel strangers breathing on my forehead.

Then it happened. I have no memory of the actual blast, just the feeling I was falling into blackness. My body was tumbling in slow motion while thousands of tiny thoughts raced around in my mind.

I was certain I was having a heart attack. My fellow passengers were screaming at me, horrified I was dying. Something dreadful had happened.

I could hear someone saying: ‘Stay calm.’ Still the screaming continued. What had happened? Where did the train go?

A man reached down. I could see his arms coming towards me. I stretched out to him.

‘I need to stand up. Please help me up.’

The man bent down. I was slipping away. I couldn’t feel my legs."

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