Monday, April 02, 2007

Counter-Terrorism: Suicide Bomber Secrets Revealed

It is always nice to see someone crunch the numbers to see what works and what does not. I am very glad to see that suicidal homicidal bombers are not working and might fade away. It is a disgusting way to kill an enemy! If only the leaders in the West might finally notice this and start to fight. I think it will not happen though. The Western leaders are all too afraid of the Islamic violence to fight against it. Cowards!

Counter-Terrorism: Suicide Bomber Secrets Revealed: "Suicide Bomber Secrets Revealed
March 30, 2007: While the users of suicide bombers may not have noticed, the track record of such tactics shows that it doesn't work. In fact, this particular weapon actually backfires. Consider the facts.

The Tamil separatists of Sri Lanka (the LTTE) pioneered the modern use of suicide bombers over twenty years ago. The LTTE was particularly effective at attacking senior politicians and security officials. But each attack just made their opponents angrier. The LTTE is now being defeated, partly by an enraged Sri Lankan population, and partly dissention and demoralization within their own ranks.

Hizbollah was the next to pick up on suicide bombers. While Hizbollah claims to represent the Shia minority in Lebanon, it has brought itself increasing resistance from the majority of Lebanese by acting in support for foreign nations. Actually, Hizbollah has largely abandoned suicide bombing, apparently noting the downside of the tactic.

Palestinian terrorists adopted the use of suicide bombing against Israel in 2000. The Israelis eventually developed tactics that defeated this weapon, The Palestinian attacks destroyed the substantial support within Israel for a Palestinian peace deal, and increased support for stronger measures against Palestinian terrorism. The Palestinian terrorists are still"

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