Thursday, April 05, 2007

My Trip to Gitmo by Janet Levy

This is an honest look at conditions in Gitmo. Do not listen to fools who have not been there and are crying rivers for the poor terrorists who are being held there. I think the people who want to protect them should all be forced to spend a month there as councilors/guards. After a while, they might decide that these wonderful human beings are too danergerous to allow into society.

FrontPage :: My Trip to Gitmo by Janet Levy: "Congressional Democrats who are demanding the closure of Gitmo and advocating that terrorists be held in mainland U.S. prisons are misguided. Ask former New York Metropolitan Correctional Center guard Louis Pepe, who was the unfortunate victim of an al Qaeda terrorist housed in a civilian prison. Pepe was blinded in one eye, partially paralyzed and has difficulty speaking as a result of a brutal one-hour attack with a sharpened comb purchased in the prison commissary.

Terrorists who have the will to decapitate and amputate, blow themselves up, fly planes into buildings, use women and children as human shields and shoot infants in the back are prepared to commit extreme acts of violence to escape confinement. Confining them to an offshore detainment facility in the middle of the ocean with a tyrannical dictator outside the gates is an ideal solution to a difficult problem."

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