Thursday, April 05, 2007

No more GWOT by House committee decree

The Democrats claim there is no political motive for this change. They also claim to be the most honest congress in history. I think I see a parallel! The fun part is going to be that now the military has to change the name of the million or so Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal and the Global War on Terrorism Service Medals. Since those were approved by congress in 2003, what will happen now?

If I was one of the generals who have to give reports to the congress, I think I would have to call this conflict "the Conflict for which we give out Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal and the Global War on Terrorism Service Medals". However, I routinely get in trouble for my sense of humor!

No more GWOT, House committee decrees - Military News, news from Iraq, photos, reports from the war - Military Times: "The House Armed Services Committee is banishing the global war on terror from the 2008 defense budget.

This is not because the war has been won, lost or even called off, but because the committee’s Democratic leadership doesn’t like the phrase.

A memo for the committee staff, circulated March 27, says the 2008 bill and its accompanying explanatory report that will set defense policy should be specific about military operations and “avoid using colloquialisms.”

The “global war on terror,” a phrase first used by President Bush shortly after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the U.S., should not be used, according to the memo. Also banned is the phrase the “long war,” which military officials began using last year as a way of acknowledging that military operations against terrorist states and organizations would not be wrapped up in a few years.

Committee staff members are told in the memo to use specific references to specific operations instead of the Bush administration’s catch phrases. The memo, written by Staff Director Erin Conaton, provides examples of acceptable phrases, such as “the war in Iraq,” the “war in Afghanistan, “operations in the Horn of Africa"...

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