Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Al Qaeda Drug Gang Busted By Irate Tribesmen

Good to see how these little battles are working out. There are stories about them in the news sometimes, but the military analysts on the news rarely seem to have much news or many facts. This article corrects this lack both ways.

Counter-Terrorism: Al Qaeda Drug Gang Busted By Irate Tribesmen: "Pakistan took advantage of the recent fighting between Pushtun tribesmen, and al Qaeda members who have been hiding in the hills along the Afghan for the last five years. The dispute was, as usual, about money and power. The Islamic radicals in question are mainly Uzbeks, and others from Central Asia, plus some Chechens and Arabs. Most of the Arabs still in the area have behaved themselves, but that's mainly because they still receive cash from patrons back in the Persian Gulf states. The Central Asian guys had no such backing, and had to find a way to support themselves. They found work in the smuggling business. This included moving drugs into Pakistan. Worse yet, the Central Asians began distributing the opium and heroin in Pakistan. The government couldn't touch them, because the Central Asians were protected by the Pushtun tribes in the area. But that protection came at a price. You had to pay, if you wanted to stay. As the government put more pressure on the tribes to kick the Islamic radicals out, the tribes demanded more money from the Central Asians. More money was not forthcoming, and words were exchanged. The Central Asians demanded that the tribes protect them, as the Uzeks and their friends were 'holy warriors,' as well as drug dealers. The heated words turned to gunfire, as the Islamic radicals tri"

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