Monday, April 16, 2007

Don’t stare at Muslims says advice to schools

Getting overly politically correct? Or is Londonistan starting to consolidate into sharia law? Salaam effendi. (Just starting to practice!)

Don’t stare at Muslims says advice to schools-News-UK-Education-TimesOnline: "PUPILS and teachers have been told by an official body not to stare at Muslims for fear of causing offence.

A document intended to educate against religious intolerance and sectarianism urges teachers to “make pupils aware of the various forms of Islamophobia, ie stares, verbal abuse, physical abuse”.

But Learning Teaching Scotland (LTS), which issued the advice to schools north of the border, has been criticised by politicians and Muslim leaders for going “over the top”.

The document states: “Some Muslims may choose to wear clothing or display their faith in a way that makes them visible. For example, women may be wearing a headscarf, and men might be wearing a skullcap. Staring or looking is a form of discrimination as it makes the other person feel uncomfortable, or as though they are not normal.”"

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