Sunday, April 15, 2007

Denmark: Islamist Is Jailed For Inciting Terrorism

The Danish people have been paying this man to live in their country and plot to kill people around the world? I would enjoy getting this kind of cash to sit around all day! Denmark and many other countries seem to have been paying all the terrorists who plot against them. It might be time to reexamine to system of welfare that is used. Even worse, he is only getting 3.5 years? In Europe? That equates to what, a couple of months of real time? Thanks to Western Resistance.

Western Resistance: Denmark: Islamist Is Jailed For Inciting Terrorism: "Moroccan-born Said Mansour has been convicted today at Copenhagen City Court of inciting terrorism. He has been sentenced to three and a half years in prison, according to Reuters and DPA.

47 year old Said Mansour had been born in Morocco and came to Denmark in 1983, to be with his sister, who had married a man with Danish citizenship. He married a Danish national (a teacher) in 1984, and he now has four children. He became a Danish national in 1988. The court today did not make any rulings concerning the revoking of his citizenship.

Mansour lived in Copenhagen on welfare benefits amounting to $1,800 a month. He had been under investigation since 2004, and had been arrested on Thursday September 8, 2005

He was the first person to be charged under a 2002 anti-terrorism act which outlaws instigation of terrorism or giving advice to terrorists.

He had downloaded jihadist videos, including those of beheadings carried out terrorists, which he then burned onto CDs and DVDs and distributed. He said he had been a close friend of Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, who was convicted of plotting the attack upon the World Trade Center on 26 February, 1993. According to Mansour, an account backed up by police, the blind sheikh stayed at his home in December 1990 and May 1991."

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