Sunday, April 15, 2007

UK reporters union to boycott Israel | Jerusalem Post

The BBC and many other British 'news' organizations have been getting worse and more blatent about their disdain for the society which allows them the freedoms they love to abuse. Fighting terrorism is bad, communism is good? Only for the leftists who hate our freedoms.

UK reporters union to boycott Israel | Jerusalem Post: "Britain's National Union of Journalists denounced Israel on Friday for its 'military adventures' in Gaza and Lebanon, called on the government to impose sanctions and urged a boycott of Israeli goods.

By a vote of 66 to 54, the annual delegate's meeting of Britain's largest trade union for journalists called for 'a boycott of Israeli goods similar to those boycotts in the struggles against apartheid South Africa led by trade unions, and [for] the [Trades Union Congress] to demand sanctions be imposed on Israel by the British government.'

Some of the union's 40,000 members decried its 'trendy lefty' agenda. Other motions before the four-day meeting in Birmingham, which ends Sunday, included condemnations of the US detention center in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and support for Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez."

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