Wednesday, April 18, 2007

ISLAM 101; ADVANCED COURSE, ISLAM 9-1-1 at Oklahoma State University

In Islam, lying to kafir is not only allowed, but encouraged. I suspect that these muslim students are just following the training manuals that the terrorists hand out to ensure that the public does not understand until it is too late to fight back. Good thing that some people are starting to notice and fight back, but it might be too little too late.

ISLAM 101; ADVANCED COURSE, ISLAM 9-1-1 at Oklahoma State University: "Last fall, a group of concerned Muslim college students, tired of the negative reports in the media about Muslims, organized a monthly educational series entitled Islam 101. “Unfortunately, because of the hateful acts of a few so-called Muslims and the unheard voices of the majority of the Muslim population, Islam has been horribly misunderstood,” they explained. “We, as a Muslim community in Stillwater, felt the need to start Islam 101 since we found ourselves being constantly misrepresented in the media and we wanted to give the people of Stillwater a chance to meet us and get to know the Muslims in their community.” (Islam 101 was made public in an Easter Sunday article in the Stillwater News Press, Stillwater, Oklahoma)

Horribly misunderstood? Constantly misrepresented? Could it be? A bad press! Are these examples of a bad press?

“Islam is a religion that brings hope and comfort to more than a billion people around the world. It has made brother and sister of every race. Is has given birth to a rich culture of learning and literature and science. Tonight we honor the tradition of a great faith by hosting Iftaar at the White House.”—President George W. Bush.

“I wish Americans could see this Islamic school. Here you have young boys and young girls in their traditions, but learning their national curriculum, working together…I’m sure they’re going to be young people who are going to be very capable in the world.”—Secretary of State Condi Rice. "

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