Monday, February 18, 2008

Egypt shocked by 'foul-mouthed' Gaza cousins

This is only a shock to people who have bought into the lies of the Media, Left and Pallys.

At least this article gets the part about Gaza belonging to Egypt and Egypt not wanting it back correct. Not that anyone seems to believe it. The Left still tries to point out that Palestine was a real country, even though it had no leader, no currency, no laws, no territory. There was Trans-Jordan as a British territory after the Ottoman Empire fell apart. If Israel is built on the bones of Palestine, someone needs to prove what the local currency was.

Egypt shocked by 'foul-mouthed' Gaza cousins - Telegraph: "Until June 2007, when Hamas took control, the Rafah crossing was operated by the Egyptians and the Palestinian Authority. Gaza's only method of bypassing Israel to get to the outside world has been closed ever since amid accusations from Israel and America that it would become a conduit for weapons.

Hamas control has led to severe economic sanctions against the strip, leaving stores bare and creating power cuts that have aroused sympathy in Egypt. But there are great risks for Egypt in re-opening the border and increasing its assistance to Gaza. Too much co-operation with Hamas will hand the Muslim Brotherhood more credibility. But disobeying US orders to keep the border closed would put at risk billions of dollars in aid.

Egypt's foreign minister, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, warned last week that 'anyone who breaches the border will have their legs broken'."

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