Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Judge holds reporter in contempt in anthrax case

The government needs to crack down on leaks! I am so tired of intelligence and legal leaks that the Media can blow out of proportion because they only have part of the picture and that part, taken out of context, looks bad. If I took a picture of your family at random times, what are the odds that at some point during the week I would find one that made you look bad? Would you want to have to explain that picture in a newspaper article?

I want to know who leaked this information as bad as Mr Hatfill does. I hope these reporters start to realize that having a confidential source is fine, as long as you can produce them if your story turns into a criminal case. Maybe we should make a special court to interview the confidential sources to prove they exist and to make the legal determination about forcing them into the open.

Judge holds reporter in contempt in anthrax case - USATODAY.com: "'Toni Locy is being punished for doing what reporters are supposed to do: making sure important information gets to the public about whether the government had the investigation into a major public health threat under control,' she said.

Dalglish also urged Congress to take up proposed legislation that would shield reporters from being forced to identify confidential sources.

'Toni Locy faces possible financial ruin for doing her job and doing it well,' Dalglish said.

Locy is one of five reporters Hatfill has subpoenaed to disclose government sources who identified him as a possible suspect.

Now a journalism professor at West Virginia University, Locy has argued that she spoke to a number of officials regarding the anthrax inquiry, but she cannot remember which sources provided information linking Hatfill to the government's inquiry during her reporting for USA TODAY."

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