Monday, February 18, 2008

Violations of 'Islamic teachings' take deadly toll on Iraqi women

Islam is Perfect and Respects Women. As long as they wrap their bodies in bedsheets and stay in the home.

I think the only reason that so many women stay in the Mosque is that Allah kills anyone who tries to leave. Allah is big on killing. The poor children born and indoctrinated in the Religion of Submission to Allah are so tribal and insecure that one can only pity them. Unfortunately, one also needs to fear them like wild pigs. They are raised in a violent part of the world that they are required, on pain of death, to Submit to. Pity them, yet watch them carefully before they return to their religious training and kill you for the kafir you are.

Violations of 'Islamic teachings' take deadly toll on Iraqi women - "The attacks on the women of Basra have intensified since British forces withdrew to their base at the airport back in September, police say. Iraqi security forces took over after British troops pulled back, but are heavily infiltrated by militias.

And tracking the perpetrators of these crimes is nearly impossible, Khalaf says, adding that he doesn't have control of the thousands of policemen and officers.

'We're trying to trace crimes carried out by an anonymous enemy,' he says.

Amnesty International has raised concern about the increasing violence toward women in Iraq, saying abductions, rapes and 'honor killings' are on the rise.

'Politically active women, those who did not follow a strict dress code, and women [who are] human rights defenders were increasingly at risk of abuses, including by armed groups and religious extremists,' Amnesty said in a 2007 report.

Sometimes, it's just the color of a woman's headscarf that can draw unwanted attention.

'One time, one of my female colleagues commented on the color of my headscarf,' Safana says. 'She said it would draw attention ... [and I should] avoid it and stick to colors like gray, brown and black.'

This extremist ideology enrages many secular Muslim women, who say it's a misrepresentation of Islam.

Sawsan, another woman who works at a university, says the message from the radicals to women is simple: "They seem to be sending us a message to stay at home and keep your mouth shut.""

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