Thursday, February 21, 2008

Russia: The War With China

Good to see we are keeping ahead of the Communists and they know it. The Americans tend to be the best, even if we are losing our edge in our failing schools.

Russia: The War With China: "The recent American shoot down of a failing spy satellite, using a SM-3 anti-missile missiles fired from an Aegis cruiser, upset Russia. U.S. military technology has been the bane of Russian military planning since World War II. Back then, billions of dollars worth of U.S. military equipment was shipped to Russia, and a generation of Russian officers came away impressed at the casual (technical) competence of the Americans. During the Cold War, Russian planners were constantly in fear of new U.S. technology breakthroughs. These happened frequently enough to remain real to the Russian generals. Now this satellite shoot down just reinforces the feeling of technological inferiority. The Russians passed this attitude on to the Chinese, who tend to see the U.S. lead as more of an opportunity than as an obstacle."

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