Friday, February 22, 2008

Exiled Iraqi clowns cheer refugees

Targeting clowns? Where is that in the Koran?

Since my Koran does not fear clowns, I have to wonder if the BBC is leaving out something that the clowns did to insult someone. Killing for an insult is covered in my Koran. Encouraged even!

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Exiled Iraqi clowns cheer refugees: "Rahman, Ali and Safi are members of Happy Family Clowns group, established in 2004 to put smiles on the faces of Iraqi children.

A few months ago the group started receiving death threats warning them against continuing their show, entitled A Child is as Scared as a Country.

But the clowns kept going, until two members of the troupe were murdered.

This was enough to drive the surviving three to leave Iraq.

'We don't know why they targeted us. We were entertaining children,' says Rahman.

Like many thousands of fearful Iraqis, Rahman and his fellow clowns left their home and fled to Syria."

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