Thursday, February 21, 2008

Palestinians more than double missile attacks from Gaza in 2008

The world's ignoring of this constant barrage is criminal. When will the world, especially the government of Israel that is supposed to be protecting its citizens, finally protect the people under attack? What a crock! Stop the attacks and then negotiate from power. End this crazy one sided war!

DEBKAfile - Palestinians more than double missile attacks from Gaza in 2008: "HomelandHomeland FrontFront commander Maj.Maj. GenGen. YairYair GolanGolan reported to a Knesset panel Feb.19 that 400 Qassam missiles were fired at Israeli civilian locations bordering on the GazaGaza StripStrip in the first six weeks of 2008. This brings the monthly rate of fire to roughly 265 - more than double that of the last two years. If this rate is sustained, Sderot and its environs will be assaulted by more than 2,500 Palestinian missiles by the end of this year, compared a total of 1,500 missiles in 2006 and 1,150 in 2007. Already the average has risen. Monday, 16 Qassam missiles exploded on the Israeli side of the Gaza border causing heavy damage and tens of shock victims.

Golan presented the partial missile-shelter plan the ministerial committee had just approved for the targeted locations: a total of 3.180 fortified areas at a cost of app. $100 m, of which 2,080 will be installed in Sderot homes.

Sderot protesters again accused the government of systematic negligence in face of their long ordeal under missile fire. The allocation covers no more than one-third of the homes under threat. The parliamentary panel chairman reported that the director general of the prime minister’s office routinely absented himself from committee deliberations on this issue and had failed to show up again Tuesday."

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