Tuesday, August 05, 2008

24th MEU opens Garmsir Civil Military Operations Center

Thank the Lord for the Marines! They might have to spend a little more time in the mountains before they get to go home, but they are doing good things and just need a little more time to get the locals ready to take over.

Semper Fi!

24th MEU opens Garmsir Civil Military Operations Center: "Marines and the British Forces of Task Force Helmand opened a Joint Civil Military Operations Center (CMOC) yesterday in the vicinity of the British Forward Operating Base Delhi, in Garmsir District here.

On its first day the CMOC had 31 visitors and paid 15 claims.

The Marines established the CMOC; provided the initial administration, command and control to run the center; and will continue to maintain the secure environment in which the center will operate. The Marines’ focus will be battle damage reparations and coordinating with those follow-on agencies to continue the work of reconstruction and development.

Task Force Helmand will focus on building an enduring capability to support stabilization, reconstruction and development.

Already the British Forces have assigned a Stabilization Advisor to Garmsir. The Stabilization Advisor will work with the local government, military and support agencies to assist and coordinate reconstruction and development efforts as it applies to governance, law, security, and the economy. The Afghan government is also committed to Garmsir’s reconstruction and has assigned a representative from their Ministry of Reconstruction and Rural Development. Afghan locals will be hired for administration and support roles i"

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