Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Reaffirming (Reanimating?) Von Grunebaum’s Standard for the Study of Islam

Wonderful! Vundervar! Ochen harrasho!

Go read the rest of this research and learn how Islam and the West can mix.

Reaffirming (Reanimating?) Von Grunebaum’s Standard for the Study of Islam: "…What is truly and unqualifiedly reprehensible lies elsewhere. It is to be found in the projection of internal Western self-criticism on to the plane of comparative culture studies, in the reification of Western complexes, in the conferring of objective existence to what is little more than a stage setting for a Western cathartic monologue. Psychological and political needs, anguish kept alive by the weight of four dead centuries, pride and ambition supported by dependence on loaned weapons, they combine quaintly to sustain this deliberate illusionism sprung from history undigested and, almost typical of a faltering denial of reality, proclaimed as a new moral gospel. Transferred to the printed page this mood assumes various shapes of which perhaps the most objectionable-to those promoted to cultural donors as much as to those demoted to recipients, for it is the inadequate system of coordinates which inevitably oversimplifies historical process and works offensive injustice to both artificially constituted ‘parties’- is to be found in such Western writing as tries to buy friendship by self- debasement."

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