Thursday, August 07, 2008


The Third World barbarians are moving to the US and transforming us down to their level. When they move here they must swear to Allah to abide by our laws and not to kill anyone! Or at least some other important thing to swear by. Even if Allah wants the kids to die for not staying at home to be beaten.

'HONOR' KILLING FOR GOD - New York Post: "A Muslim father accused of murdering his daughter in a so-called 'honor killing' told cops God would look out for him, as he confessed to the grisly strangulation, authorities said yesterday.

'God will protect me. God is watching,' Pakistani immigrant Chaudhry Rashid allegedly confessed to cops. 'I strangled my daughter.'

At a preliminary hearing yesterday, Detective Mike Christian told a judge Rashid copped to killing his daughter on July 6 with a bungee cord because she had filed divorce papers and was having an extramarital affair.

Christian said Rashid was found sitting in his driveway smoking a cigarette when cops arrested him."

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