Monday, August 04, 2008

Cyber warfare: Examining the relationships

Good information about the cyberwar and how things need to change to help the US, and the world, adapt to it. I am not sure that all of this is possible in the current political climate, but all of it seems to make sense to me.

I will pray that our next government will actively work to provide the US and the world with more security. This President has worked towards it and lost his way in the constant slanders and attacks from the Left.

Cyber warfare: Examining the relationships: "...the concept of operations for computer network attack (CNA) needs to be broken out of the information operations (IO) hierarchy. It does not belong there. Much like the concepts of the use of armor to support troops in World War 1 was supplanted by new armor-cavalry concepts of operation, where the model changed towards infantry in support of armor, cyber operations take on new expanded roles beyond IO. CNA is but one element of cyber operations and kinetic effect through cyber operations. The highly hierarchical and brittle security models of command and control (C2) infrastructures in the military and corporate world reflect a target rich environment.

These brittle networks are reflected in the social and organizational structures, the physical and data communications, and the information dissemination and cognition models. Where defense has been studied, the offense task against these elements in societies where the asymmetric balance is against the United States, has not been truly considered. In general the third world is categorized as technologically inferior, the European and Pan Asian community as off limits, and domestic threats ignored. This would be great if everybody played their roles equally and allies didn’t spies on allies, and corporate espionage didn’t happen, and the world stage was a static environment. How much better to be prepared for cyber conflict before it happens."

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