Saturday, August 09, 2008

Coast Guard Deems Teens Too Drunk to Be Rescued, Leaves Them on Cliff Ledge

This is mainly interesting since I used to live near here and some of my urine might still be found around. Well, it was probably all washed away over a decade ago...

Rescuing drunken prats in the middle of a storm is super dangerous. Leaving them to sober up meant a lot of hours of watching to make sure they did not fall into the drink, but sure made it easier to pick them up in the morning. Fools. Let them join Darwin. - Coast Guard Deems Teens Too Drunk to Be Rescued, Leaves Them on Cliff Ledge - International News | News of the World | Middle East News | Europe News: "British teenagers partying on the ledge of a cliff were left to sober up overnight after rescue crews decided they were too drunk to be rescued, The Daily Telegraph reported.

The teens called the Coast Guard when a friend suffered an epileptic fit near Long Quarry Point, outside Torquay, Devon. Rescuers were not able to airlift all eight boys and girls to safety, due to rainfall and rough terrain.

In the end it was decided to winch the ill teen off the cliff, and leave the rest, whom the Coast Guard described as “under the influence,” where they were.

'It was too dangerous to rescue the seven others because they were rather intoxicated and it would have been too hazardous to take them down to the lifeboat,” Coast Guard watch manager Zoe Boyne told The Telegraph. 'This incident has tied up many resources throughout the night. It has also highlighted the dangers of young people putting themselves at risk in locations where they lose control of their actions due to the effects of intoxicating substances.'"

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