Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bomb found near Lewis County power plant

These were some really lucky miners and train workers! By rights they should be dead!

Now, who could have done something like this? CAIR? ACLU? UN? ELF? DNC?

Bomb found near Lewis County power plant | KOMO News - Seattle, Washington | News: "An explosive device with the potential to deliver 'an incredible amount of destructive power' was found alongside tracks leading to Lewis County's Trans Alta mine on Wednesday, officials said.

The Lewis County Sheriff's Office said the device was found by a Trans Alta employee who did not recognize it as a bomb and transported it in a rail truck to turn over to the supervisor.

The stretch of tracks where the bomb was found is shown above.
The company then alerted sheriff's deputies, who secured the scene and then called in the Washington State Patrol's bomb squad.

The device was a five-gallon propane tank with green and yellow wires coming out the tank. The wires were similar to those used in electrical blasting caps.

After arriving at the scene, the bomb squad x-rayed the tank, and removed a blasting cap from the device. The blasting cap had been activated but the powder inside the tank for unknown reasons had not detonated."

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