Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Russian soldiers commandeer U.S. Humvees

The Russians are destroying everything they can so that they can do as they wish. They also want to scare the other former Soviet states into submission of some sort. It is going to take billions of dollars to replace all the damage that the Soviets are inflicting and no one will help them. NATO is a paper tiger. The US has the power, but is not willing to use it. The UN is a joke.

Who will prevent Russia from attacking others? Anyone willing to volunteer? Even the Peaceniks are silent when it comes to Soviet aggression. It never pays to denounce the one who pays you.

Russian soldiers commandeer U.S. Humvees - Marine Corps News, news from Iraq - Marine Corps Times: "... Also in Poti, Russian soldiers commandeered four Humvees that had been used in U.S.-Georgian military exercises and were destined to be shipped back to the United States.

The Pentagon said it was looking into the theft. Georgian Deputy Defense Minister Batu Kutelia said Russian forces seized the vehicles.

Russian forces in Poti also blocked access to the city’s naval and commercial ports on Tuesday morning and towed the missile boat Dioskuria, one of the Georgian navy’s most sophisticated vessels, out of sight of observers. A loud explosion was heard minutes later, and a Georgian interior spokesman said the Russians had blown up the boat.

The acts of force demonstrated anew that Russia, days after agreeing to a cease-fire with Georgia, remained in control in much of the country, and that the state of the Georgian military was far from stable.

Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili said Russia was not only flouting its withdrawal commitment but that its forces were “not losing time” in damaging Georgia by destroying infrastructure.

“Right now there are Russian soldiers and tanks at Poti,” Georgian Finance Minister Nika Gilavri said. “They want to open every single container” and inspect them.

Georgian television showed footage of a tense standoff at a military training base in northwestern Georgia, where Russian troops tried to enter but were turned away by Georgian police. There was no violence, but the report said the Russians threatened to return and destroy the base if they were not allowed in."

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