Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Russia halts military work with NATO

Russia is going to stop cooperating with NATO, temporarily, because NATO is not going to cooperate with it? What a spin! I highlighted another key part of this slanted story: it took US pressure for NATO to get off its butt and agree to even send a stern note of protest.

I am NOT an isolationist, but we are trying to protect a world that has forgotten about the wolves at the doorstep! Maybe it is time to pull back and let them go to hell. I wonder how many days it would take for Russia to conquer Europe if the US told them it would not interfere for the first two years? Can the combined militarys of Europe do anything to stop even one Soviet division?

We have been the world's protector for too long. We need to either start forcing the militant countries to calm down, or let the sheep get their way as we neglect them. Shitte or get off the pot! This crud is making me sick.

Russia halts military work with NATO: Norway | International | Reuters: "Doubts surfaced over the future of military cooperation between NATO and Russia on Wednesday after Norway said Moscow had informed it of a decision to freeze all joint work with the alliance in the row over Georgia.

However Russia's ambassador to NATO played down any future steps, saying the decisions were 'of temporary character, of regional character, not global character'. A NATO spokeswoman said it had no notification of a Russian move.

'Norway has noted that Russia has decided for the time being to 'freeze' all military cooperation with NATO and allied countries,' Norway's Defence Ministry said on its website.

A defence ministry spokeswoman told Reuters that Moscow had sent 'a message' to Oslo -- with which it has had warm relations -- about the freeze but declined to provide further details.

On Tuesday NATO countries agreed after U.S. pressure on to freeze regular contacts with Russia until Moscow had withdrawn its troops from Georgia in line with a peace deal."

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