Tuesday, August 19, 2008

European Pussies

The Russians know that NATO will do nothing to stop them. They are laughing at the weakness of the Europeans. I wonder how the Euros are feeling about being a laughing stock?

The Jawa Report: European Pussies: "European Pussies

Or so the Russians think. And for once, the Russians are right:

The Russian Ambassador to NATO, Dmitry Rogozin, dismissed the impact of the emergency meeting in Brussels, Belgium: 'The mountain gave birth to a mouse.'

Yes, they actually are laughing at NATO. Pretty lengthy post below.

You really should go read Allah Pundit's commentary on Pat Buchanan's latest piece calling for American isolationism. It's dead on in its criticism of Buchanan who with each passing day begins to sound more and more like a paranoid Illuminati conspiracy theorist. Also dead on in taking the middle ground between complete failure to support Georgia and declaring war on Russia.

One thing I would note is that I think Buchanan is right in that admitting the Ukraine into NATO with its present borders would be problematic, to say the least."


GW said...

Trying to respond to this without breaking out into colorful language is near impossible. Did this idiots learn nothing from the 1930's. They have relied on our military to keep their collective assess safe for half a century while they engage in ever more fantasy about the nature of the world around them, confusing friend and foe. If this is the best these governments can do, it is time for a little tough love. Cut the NATO umbrella and reestablish individual security agreements with those nations that still have testicles.

Belisarius said...

My favorites in this mess are the idiots who say the UN should get involved and force the Russians to retreat - forgetting that the Russians have a veto and will not allow the UN to take action against them for invading another country.

Take all the hippie peaceniks who are ignoring this act of aggression and ship them over to help Georgia. We can even send them food and ... well, do hippies need water?

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