Tuesday, August 19, 2008

John Bolton Strikes Again

Mr Bolton gives us a warning about the Soviets returning to Russia. What is interesting is that a writer at USNews is agreeing with him. Naturally, the comments are all against the US and demanding that the Russians be allowed to kill/conquer whom ever they wish.

Even mine is slanted, but is a stupid and vapid attempt at sarcasm. Go read the rest.

John Bolton Strikes Again - Sam Dealey (usnews.com): "In a no-nonsense op-ed in Saturday's London Telegraph, John Bolton, the former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, nails on the head the West's failure to respond to Moscow's aggression in Georgia.

He writes:

The West, collectively, failed in this crisis. Georgia wasted its dime making that famous 3am telephone call to the White House, the one Hillary Clinton referred to in a campaign ad questioning Barack Obama's fitness for the Presidency.

The faults aren't all America's, of course. Old Europe's response has been at least as flaccid, which is at least consistent with how it has behaved when faced with previous Kremlin bellicosity. In the last few years, whenever a western-leaning bloc country did something to upset Moscow, the latter would cut back on Europe's oil and gas supplies that flow through pipelines in bloc countries. And who would Europe then blame? Not Moscow, but the former bBloc countries—for having the temerity to want to determine their own future."

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