Friday, September 12, 2008

Bush Lauded by Nat'l Organization of Community Organizers

Bush praised? Is this real?

Groupthink :: View topic - Bush Lauded by Nat'l Organization of Community Organizers: "Bush Lauded by Nat'l Organization of Community Organizers
By Komissar Blogunov
9/9/2008, 1:45 pm

Yesterday the National Organization of Community Organizers bestowed its most prestigious award on George W Bush for outstanding work in the organization of communities in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"It's truly an honor to receive such a covetized award," the president said in a few brief remarks at the ceremony honoring his achievement, "but we cannot forget that this was made possible only through the work and dedication of our excellent military personnel." Progressives everywhere were on their feet, chanting Progress! Progress!, applauding, cheering, and waving American flags.

Wiping away tears, NOW president Kim Gandy said between sniffles, "When I think of what Bush has done in liberating women from the oppression of Sharia law, and how he has with the aid of our brave men in uniform opened up new worlds of opportunity for the women of Afghanistan, well, I just can't express in words how proud I am."

"Everybody knew Saddam Hussein was a murdering tyrant and a threat to world peace," said Massachusetts senator John Kerry while fellow senators Durbin, Reid, and Biden nodded emphatically in the background, "and I know I speak for my fellow senators when I say I applaud our president and our military for having the courage to stand up to Saddam and take him down. The world is definitely a safer place."

"He gets all the credit as far as I'm concerned," said former Weatherman William Ayers in a phone interview. "You know, he opened my mind to a new concept - the idea of using force to protect the innocent and to liberate the truly oppressed, as opposed to using force against the innocent and those who risk their lives to protect them. Really, it's time I started to give back to this country that has been so good to me. Brilliant, just brilliant!"

"He's the man!" exclaimed presidential hopeful Barack Obama, "the surge succeeded just like everybody knew it would. If you want to know what greatness looks like, look no farther than George W Bush. He is the king of community organizers, and only in my most audacious dreams could I hope to achieve half the good he has done."

"God bless America! It's in the Bible! God bless America!" shouted pastor Jeremiah Wright who later said he was carried away in his enthusiasm when he saw Bush receive the award from NOCO. "America is a force for good in this world. Who overthrew Saddam Hussein and the Taliban? America and George W Bush did! Who set up the provisional government in Iraq, gave the people the chance to vote on their own constitution, and oversaw the successful establishment of a new government over there? America and George W Bush did!" Reverend Wright then led the audience in a rousing rendition of God Bless America.

"Y'know, this is one of the best days of my presidency," said President Bush. "Laura and I are gonna treasure this memory, and this award will have a special place over our mantelpiece at Crawford." When asked what his plans were after stepping down from power in January, Bush said, "Me and the family're gonna get together with Cindy Sheehan who's moved into our neighborhood and invited all of us to a barbeque. After that, we'll just have to wait and see. I hear my old friend Vladimir Putin and Jimmy Carter gotta Habitat for Humanity project going on in Tbilisi, and they just might need a little organizing over there." "

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