Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Illegal Alien Advocates Want to End Drunk Driving Enforcement

People sometimes ask me why I consider the borders and illegal aliens to be part of the security threat to the US. Here is your answer. Too many Mexicans are getting drunk in the US and driving around!

When illegals are caught, send them to a special Deportation Prison in Arizona. I think the local sheriff can give some pointers on how to run it. Can we put a bounty on the turning in of illegals? Or at least enforce some of the laws currently on the books?

The Jawa Report: Illegal Alien Advocates Want to End Drunk Driving Enforcement: "A campaign to stop enforcement of drunk driving laws has been launched by an Ethics Studies Professor at UC - Riverside.

Professor Armando Navarro is urging all citizens to forward a form letter to the Pomona City Council indicating that sobriety checkpoints are 'a grave threat to the stability of the local economy, and social harmony within the community.'

I contend that enforcement of drunk driving laws is a good thing. Readers can weigh in, for or against, by contacting the Pomona City Council which is considering the issue."

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