Saturday, September 13, 2008

Latin America Heats Up: Is There a Policy?

A reason for the lack of policy for Latin America is that the US has been preoccupied with appeasing the Leftists who are taking over down there. We do not want to upset all their citizens who have fled up here for safety. Even though confronting their Communist governments would allow the refugees to return home and help to make things better. Time to send in the Marines. Kick some butt! If they do not want to work with us on be stable, then beat them until they are willing to concede the issue.

Counterterrorism Blog: Latin America Heats Up: Is There a Policy?: "The news that both Bolivia and Venezuela, whose presidents are staunch allies and friends, have chosen to expel the respective U.S. ambassadors is the most visible evidence of the frayed relations the United States now has with much of Latin America.

As my colleague Andrew Cochran wrote the United States then immediately took the step of designating the three most visible Venezuelan officials whose ties to the FARC were clearly established.

What is amazing is that, until this blow-up, U.S. officials in different departments of the government, have been minimizing the well-documented alliance, as well as other issues discussed below, that have made Latin America a far different place than it was five years ago.

Unfortunately, with the exception of Colombia policy, there has been virtually no policy toward Latin America, and the festering issues there have been left to fester."

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