Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Terror groups developing 'dirty bomb', say security chiefs

People like to tell me that the Pakistanis and the other Muslims would never allow a terrorist to get their bloody hands on a nuke. I fear otherwise. Pakistan is a very dangerous place. It is time to get the nukes out of there and return them when the crisis is over.

Terror groups developing 'dirty bomb', say security chiefs - Telegraph: "At least one plot has been uncovered involving Pakistani-based terrorists planning to use nuclear material against a major European target.

Osama bin Laden's al-Qa'eda terror group, whose terrorist infrastructure is based in the province of Waziristan in northwest Pakistan, is known to be trying to acquire nuclear technology to use in terror attacks against the West.

Other militant Islamist groups in Pakistan, such as the newly formed Pakistani Taliban, have also shown an interest in developing weapons with a nuclear capability, according to Western security officials.

Security chiefs fear the mounting political instability in Pakistan will make it easier for militant Islamist groups to develop a primitive nuclear device.

Pakistan is the world's only Muslim country with a nuclear weapons arsenal, which was developed during the 1990s by the rogue Pakistani nuclear scientist Dr Abdul Qadir (AQ) Khan."

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