Monday, September 08, 2008

My Life

I am sorry I have not been writing as much. I have been posting a few of the links that I have read, but not commenting on them right away. Life has been keeping me hopping lately.

I decided to work on my advanced degrees, which is tying me up with studies. I have been fighting with my injuries. Last week I was suffering from so much pain that I had trouble opening my eyes even with narcotics flooding my system. When you vomit from the pain that usually means you should not play with the computer for a while!

Thanks to the people who have been checking me out anyway. I am slowing down, but not out. I want to educate the people about security threats around the world and this blog is just a part of it, but a very important part. If you would like a comment on anything more quickly, just post a comment and I will put that article at the top of the que for my thoughts.

Thanks for your patience.

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