Monday, September 08, 2008

Challenges still to prevent future acts of terrorism

While this article blames the reason for the majority of terrorist acts on Australians on the governments alliance with the US, I think that is a seriously big stretch of the truth. The truth is that the Muslims want to conquer the world for Islam and Allah. Not everyone seems to understand that, even when it is taught in every mosque and all over the internet in videos. The Left and their butt monkeys in the Media have conspired to keep the Proles ignorant until the bloody end so that the Conservative Right will be shown to fail.

Challenges still to prevent future acts of terrorism - Opinion - Editorial - General - The Canberra Times: "The threat within Australia now comes not so much from outsiders, but from home-grown elements. The usual motivating factor for home-grown terrorism is the perception of the host nation's participation in anti-Muslim activities.

Home-grown Islamist terrorism can take three basic forms: the small group of (usually four) friends influenced by a strong leader within the group; the larger group influenced by a charismatic preacher; and the group of temporary-resident tertiary or postgraduate professionals.

There is another category which is not necessarily Islamist. It involves a fixated, sometimes politically motivated, individual, who feels that he (rarely she) has to act violently against a prominent individual or group held responsible for his misfortunes or society's ills.

Often, potential terrorists are disaffected by their perceptions of discrimination and an inability to fit into the host society."

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