Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Counterterrorism Blog: France's War with Jihadis

This is the one thing about France that makes them great - they understand about the terrorists! The French live with active terrorists moving around the country trying to stir up enough trouble to kill all the French men and enslave the women. Just as Mohammad would. Just as Mohammad did to the tribes around him when he was a rising power.

Counterterrorism Blog: France's War with Jihadis: "France's war with the jihadis is more intense than most Americans or even most Europeans would imagine.
With French troops engaging the Taliban in Afghanistan often coming under attack, jihadist cells have started targeting France as well as French presence in the Sahel, the north African Sahara.
In a recent interview with Parisian daily Le Figaro, French Interior Minister Michèle Alliot-Marie, provided significant revelations.

During a recent lecture tour of Europe I had the opportunity to meet with French defense and counterterrorism officials as well as with legislators, particularly members of the French National Assembly serving on the Afghanistan's committee.

According to Alliot Marie members of a terrorist group in Central Asia have recently been arrested in Mulhouse, in the east of France, where they were apparently undergoing military training.

This shows that active jihadist cells are indeed deploying inside France as they are inside many other Western European countries. The minister said: 'I can tell you that 89 Islamic activists were arrested in France in 2007.'"

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