Thursday, October 16, 2008

Neither Snow, Nor Rain, Nor Anthrax...

Now the the Government is planning to have any Anthrax meds delivered by the mail, I have to wonder how they think that will work. It seems logical, but there are also a few things that seem weird about it. Like, will the postal workers want to go into a contaminated area to deliver medicine? Many will, because they are good loyal American workers who love our country and will work to save our people. Thanks guys!

I hope we don't need your services, but I am glad you will help.

Op-Ed Contributor - Neither Snow, Nor Rain, Nor Anthrax... - "IMPORTANT planning for responding to a future anthrax attack has quietly been under way since the last attacks seven years ago. A key part of this effort has been figuring out how best to deliver prophylactic antibiotics quickly to the people living in the city that is attacked.

This is at least as difficult and complicated as it might seem. First, an attack must be detected, either by one of the BioWatch air monitors that have been placed in many cities or by finding symptoms of anthrax poisoning in a victim. Either way, this can take at least 12 to 30 hours. Next, an adequate supply of antibiotics must be sent from the Strategic National Stockpile (held at 12 sites around the country) to the affected city, ideally within 12 hours.

Finally, the city must get the drugs out to its population. This third step is potentially the most time-consuming of all. But it can be speeded up — and made twice as effective in preventing deaths — by strategically involving the United States Postal Service and by greatly increasing the amount of medicine initially sent out to the affected city."

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