Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Syria establishes diplomatic ties with Lebanon

This is interesting. I have to wonder about the timing, however. Is it because of Hezballahs new strength? Now that the terrorists that Syria pays for are almost in power, there is less reason to invade and they can rule by proxy.

Any other thoughts?

Syria establishes diplomatic ties with Lebanon - Yahoo! News: "Relations between the Arab nations have been lopsided since the 1970s, when Syria sent its army into Lebanon and retained control there for nearly 30 years. Ties unraveled when former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri was killed in a 2005 car bombing that many Lebanese blame on Syria — a charge Syria denies.

Hariri's assassination triggered huge anti-Syrian street protests and Damascus caved to U.S.-led international pressure and withdrew its tens of thousands of troops from Lebanon a few months after the bombing.

But establishing diplomatic relations remained a pressing demand of the anti-Syrian majority in Lebanon's parliament, which saw Syria's refusal to do so as a refusal to recognize Lebanese sovereignty.

Some observers say Syria is more comfortable dealing with Lebanon now that its ally Hezbollah has gained veto power in a unity government that was formed in July. In May, Lebanon installed a president sympathetic to Syria.

Just a few months later in August, Lebanon and Syria agreed to establish ties and demarcate their contentious border. That landmark agreement marked a final break in Syria's longtime dominance over its smaller neighbor."

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