Monday, October 13, 2008

Security concerns a major issue for Latin America

The Communists are destabilizing the region and demanding that someone do something about it? This sounds backwards. It is time to finish off those Marxist scum once and for all.

If things are so great in Communist countries, why do they always want to blame their lack of interaction with other countries on their surplus of poverty? And then they invade those other countries! Why do they have to make up provocations like this? To invade and destabilize others?

Violent crime and lack of security mechanisms have emerged as major concerns in Latin America and the Caribbean, regional leaders at the Americas Conference said Friday.

''Violent crimes going from kidnappings to executions have become front-page news in all the papers and broadcasts in the region,'' said Samuel Lewis Navarro, Panama's vice president and minister of foreign affairs. ``Today, in Panama, every poll made shows that security is among the first causes of concern of the population.''

At the session, ''Security in Latin America and the Caribbean,'' panelists argued that a strong police force is paramount for development, and that larger countries need to help smaller ones in their efforts to battle violent crime and criminal networks.

Haiti came up as an example of a country rife with insecurity, but that other nations suffered from more violent crime.

''Is Haiti the next Afghanistan?,'' asked Gerardo Le Chevallier, a United Nations official in Haiti on the panel. ``I believe that it is a little exaggerated -- Haiti is one of the safer countries in the Caribbean, as far as violent deaths and kidnapping.''

One panelist said organized crime can best be tackled when more developed countries pitch in to help smaller ones.

''It's not only an act of solidarity,'' said Le Chevallier, director of political affairs and planning in the United Nations, ``but an act of moral responsibility.''

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