Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Spooky snap taken at aquarium

I love ghosts! Not the creepy evil kind, just the ones that wander around and need to get to where they are going in the afterlife. This is the cool kind. I bet that tourism to this aquarium is going to jump significantly!

Happy Halloween?

Spooky snap taken at aquarium | The Sun |News: "IT’S just what you’d expect to see in a snap from an aquarium. A shark, blue water — and a disembodied HUMAN HEAD.

Emma Place, 21, took this eerie photo on her phone at Hull’s £53million attraction The Deep.

Boffins at the aquarium admit they are baffled by the appearance of the man’s face, which appears to be gawping up at a shark

Dentistry student Emma, of Doncaster, only spotted the ghoulish face when she arrived home.

She said: “My boyfriend said, ‘what’s that?’ I replied, ‘it’s a shark’.


“He said, ‘no, the face.’ I was like, oh my God! It actually looks quite spooky.

“I’m easily freaked-out.”

Although Emma’s dad Alan, 48, was stood next to her in the glass tunnel, she insists he looks nothing like the man in the photo.

Bosses have spent hours searching CCTV footage, which confirmed the pair were the only ones inside the tunnel."

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