Sunday, March 16, 2008

Molotov cocktail thrown into home of Jewish Agency envoy

Just to be "fair and balanced":

Leftist: Kill the Jew! They are full of hate and everyone hates them! Kill them all!

Right-ist (?) : If, a very weak 'if', this is a hate crime, then it is a case of arson and attempted murder. Either way, this is a crime that needs to be handled. I wonder if it might b e a case of terrorism because it is an attack on an Israeli?

Moderates: Crime is getting out of hand!

US: Molotov cocktail thrown into home of Jewish Agency envoy - Israel News, Ynetnews: "A Molotov cocktail was thrown Saturday into the home of a Jewish Agency envoy residing in Rhode Island in the north-eastern United States. The envoy, who was home at the time, was immediately evacuated to a nearby hotel following the incident.

The incident took place at 2 am (local US time) when a Molotov cocktail was throw through the living room window of the envoy's apartment. He was in a different room at the time, and was therefore not injured. The Molotov cocktail set a nearby yard on fire, but firefighters dispatched to the scene easily extinguished the flames.

The FBI as well as local Rhode Island police personnel are investigating the incident. This is the first time that a Jewish Agency envoy is attacked in this fashion."

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