Friday, March 21, 2008

Poll Shows 85% of PA Arabs Support Terror

The Religion of Peace.

What is there to negotiate with in this poll? Israel keeps trying, but the terrorists keep insisting on killing all Jews. It is silly that when the talks fail that it is the Israelis who get blamed. Too bad that the Left and Media just don't understand. Even worse, they think they do understand! Idiots.

Poll Shows 85% of PA Arabs Support Terror - Defense/Middle East - Israel News - Arutz Sheva: "Two recent polls find a vast majority of Arabs supporting terror attacks and a growing Israeli majority opposed to further withdrawals.

A recent Palestinian Authority poll shows that 84 percent of PA Arabs approve of the massacre at Merkaz HaRav Yeshiva in Jerusalem, where eight students were gunned down and ten wounded.

The poll, carried out by Ramallah-based pollster Khalil Shikaki, interviewed 1,270 PA Arabs. 64 percent support the rocket attacks on Israeli cities and towns such as Sderot and Ashkelon launched from Hamas-controlled Gaza. Those who oppose the attacks don’t necessarily do so on moral grounds, but rather strategic considerations.

A slim majority of PA Arabs support Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas for president over Fatah’s Mahmoud Abbas.

In February of last year, a Near East Consulting (NEC) poll found that 75 percent of PA Arabs do not think that Israel has a right to exist."

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