Saturday, March 22, 2008

Obama Disavows Statements of Controversial Junkman

Another funny from the ever funnier Iowahawk! Go read the full thing after you empty your bladder.

iowahawk: "Obama Disavows Statements of Controversial Junkman

Chicago - After days of trying to distance himself from a growing hate speech controversy that threatens to envelop his presidential campaign, Senator Barack Obama issued a statement this morning condemning 'in the strongest way I can' the controversial pronouncements of advisor and Los Angeles salvage yard owner Fred G. Sanford.

'The central message of my campaign is about unity and hope, and I will not let that message be diminished by these kinds of mean spirited and hateful remarks,' said Obama. 'I repudiate them and I apologize to anyone who was offended, including Senator Clinton, Lamont, Grady, Rollo, Julio, and particularly Aunt Esther.'

Obama said that Sanford would no longer play an official role in his presidential campaign operation, but said he remained an admirer of the controversial figure.

'Mr. Sanford has long been a valued mentor to me, and I will alway cherish his friendship if not his counsel,' said Obama.'I'm saddened that his cherry picked, out-of-context words have overshadowed the many good things he has done for the community and the junk industry.'"

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