Friday, March 21, 2008

Observations of Prince Harry in the War Zone

I am so happy to see that the British Royals are not completely in collapse. I would be honored to have served with him. Unfortunately, I have already been retired. - Measure of respect- Observations of Prince Harry in the War Zone: "I first met Prince Harry on Christmas Eve 2007 on a forward outpost facing Taliban lines in southern Helmand. This outpost was manned by Gurkha soldiers operating out of a tiny base about 400 meters to our rear (note: I had been warned the day before that Harry would be serving at that small base. A British officer had asked that we Americans not disclose this “secret” until after his return to the United Kingdom scheduled in March or April). Harry had arrived at the small base on Christmas Eve and immediately decided to visit some of his men serving on the forward outpost. I was at the position with two other Americans getting a feel for what would be required when we deployed Afghan troops. Harry was in his full “battle rattle” which consisted on body armor, helmet, weapon, and ammunition and I could tell that Harry wanted to be treated as any other junior officer and not a Prince. Harry was nice when soldiers asked to take a picture with him, but made it clear pictures could not be released until he was home. Unlike almost every other day at this outpost, the enemy made no attempt to attack it with direct or indirect fire. Harry went back to the small base and we spent the night on the outpost."

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